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Community Standards #1 – 2020 Canceled

8.00 - 30.00

Our first Lecken zine, sleek and sexy! Chock full of critical essays, pornographic sci-fi, tactics for queer survival, sexy illustrations, and beyond. A resource to hold us over through these strange days, created with love by the collective, and our friends, collaborators, and co-conspirators. "2020 Canceled" is a companion for and an archive of this season spent halfway between cancellation and radicalization. This project began in 2019 as a time capsule of this moment in queer nightlife, and was completed during the spring and summer of 2020.

56 pages booklet + foldout insert
12 x 18 cm
edition of 500
printed August 2020 at papertwins

Pricing is a sliding scale of 8 to 11 EUR (pay what you can)

For those who can afford it, we offer a few Soli price options. With this, you pay 10 EUR for the zine, and the rest will be donated to the Queer Black Therapy Fund:

"We are currently in the middle of a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted Black communities. This reality in addition to the racial injustices happening in the US and around the globe has had a compounding impact on the mental health of Black people. Living with the generational trauma of our ancestors, the racial trauma that we still have to face and systemic racism, which makes things like accessing appropriate health care a challenge, can leave Black communities at risk for a range of Mental health issues including Depression and Anxiety. We have decided to begin The Queer Black Therapy Fund in order to provide long term Therapy to 10 Black Queer people (age 18+) living in Germany. We hope to raise €65,000 in order to cover these expenses. By long term Therapy we mean 1 year/ 52 sessions."


Please get in touch if you have any questions or individual requests for shipping options x