Community Standards #2: Social Pleasure (Re)production


Our second zine, published for the Sophiensaele festival Leisure and Pleasure, reexamines the autonomist-feminist critique of social reproductive labor—all the (traditionally feminized) work that goes into “reproducing” society: babymaking, sexual and emotional availability, housework, elder and child care, tradition-keeping. Queer communities are often removed from the care and structures that traditional social reproduction involves, and in fact queer life is often at odds with what sustains cisheteropariarchy. The non(re)productive pleasures of dancing and fucking are perhaps hedonistic, but they can also be one of the things that grounds our communities. But the valorization of queer pleasure alone in itself is not going to solve our problems. We need to go further, and ask who is maintaining the space and facilitating that pleasure, how and for whom, and beyond that, who accesses that pleasure but does not see the work of setting the table that goes into hosting queer pleasure. As much as we try to overturn the category, labor continues to be necessary to make life (come alive), and remains an unequally shared one.

This zine is a collective effort, showcasing original artwork, theoretical and personal texts, provocations and useful resources from Lecken collective members and the community of social-reproductive laborers and pleasure machines who we rely on, admire, and hold dear.

56 pages booklet
15 x 21 cm
edition of 700
printed June 2023 at papertwins, Berlin

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Copies are also available for purchase in Berlin, at Ivallan's Books @ Schönleinstr. 32 (